The Wonderful Whales

*******Miss Vananzo's Magnificent Team: December 17*******

Holiday Card Exchange

The students did decorate their holiday bags. They did a wonderful job. If your child wishes to participate, they can begin to bring in their cards on Wednesday and begin to deliver them.

Thanks so much for helping with this activity.

Happy New Year 2016

Dear Parents,

I want to thank you so much for all the care and support you have shown. I find it so hard to believe that it is December and almost time for a new year. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and best wishes always for 2016.

News from Room 25.

Swimming Through a Great Week!

In reading/spelling we...

  • reviewed the various spellings of the long "e" sounds. We played games to review the sound that were assigned to us on our devices. We practice spelling long "e" word families and continued to review antonyms and synonyms.
  • worked on our personal narratives about a small moment in our lives. We wrote our draft copy and are in the process of working with an adult to proofread. We check our spelling, capitals and reread to be sure we have a sequential story with sentences that are organized so when someone reads our work, they will understand what we have shared.
  • read several short non-fiction stories. We talked about the non-fiction text features that the author used and what these features helped us to learn.

In math we:

  • played a game called: Close to 20. When give 5 cards, students had to find the three cards that when added together, came as close as possible to 20.
  • continued to are numbers strings that contained several addends.
  • related doubles and near-double combinations (4 + 4 and 4 + 5)

Ocean of Events

  • School Store Thursdays - 2nd & 3rd grade:
  • HOLIDAY PRESENT DRIVE: Four great ways to give – thank you!

    By Dec. 17th: All gifts needed (unwrapped) in collection bin in lobby.

    1. Fill a child’s clothes/sneakers wish - sign up here:

    2. Fill a child’s toy wish: Take a wish tag off of our Giving Tree in the lobby.

    3. Donate any unwrapped new toy.

    4. Gift cards welcome (or monetary donations – checks only – payable to JES PTA). Place in Outreach mailbox in envelope marked “Holiday Present Drive.”

    *Also look for our Mitten, Hat & Sock Tree – December 1st-17th in the Lobby*

  • Contacts: Alicia Matesa or Jay Weiner

  • Dec. 15, 7:00 pm – Winter Concert – 5th Gr. Chorus, Band & String Students
  • Dec. 18 – Holiday or Ugly Sweater Day
  • Dec. 18, 10:00 am – CMS Band Assembly
  • Dec. 22 – Papa John’s Pizza Day for PTA
  • Dec. 23 – Beans & Bread breakfast collection for the homeless
  • Dec. 23 – Pajama Day

Catch of the Week

  • Thanks for your continued donations of wipes. These are so helpful.
  • Please be sure to place your child's name on all of their coats/scarves, etc..
  • Thank you for your support of our Dive Into Reading program. Over the holiday, if your child happens to fill in their December form or their extra minutes form, please keep track of any additional minutes on a separate sheet of paper. When the Whales return, I will pass out the January forms and total all minutes.

Sea Star of the Week: Landon

Here are a few of his favorites:

Places to go: Florida, Rehoboth, and Pennsylvania

Books: Magic Treehouse, Big Nate, Wonder, and Hatchet

Songs: Hello, Stitches, and Final Countdown

Movie: Elf and Jurassic World

Things I Like to Do in the Community: Play Baseball, Soccer, Football and Lacrosse.

Foods: Pizza, Salad, Pasta, Chicken and Pringles

Like to Do at School: Read, Learn, Run, Eat, Build, and Discover New Things

It's a Whale of a Word

Our word of the week is:

Audience (noun)

Definition: people who watch a show or a performance

Sentence: We will be a fabulous audience when we attend our holiday concert on Tuesday afternoon.

**Two holiday stickers to any student who brings the word of the week into class written on a piece of paper and tells how many syllables it has.

Our Symbaloo

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