what to expect

when a little one on the way! by angel brooks

your first trimester

What will happen to you, mom? you will have missed you first period.The test come back and yes your having a baby.Some thing else you might of notced is you have tenderness in your bereast. what about baby? well in your baby will become about .25 in,she/he will be about .25 oz about the size of a poppy seed.there not that big yeat but in just 40 weeks your new baby will grow from the size of a tiny seed to the size of a plump watermelon.

welcome to your second trimester.

so mom,here what is going on now.your risk of miscarrige has droped,you hormones have a mind of there own.you might have energy burst and your appetite incerased.the good news is your morning sickness is leting up.whats up with baby? well yur baby is now 3.25 in is about 1-1.50 oz and is around the size of a peach.your little baby is geting bigger

its time for trimester number 3

ok its alomst time for you baby to be welcomed to the world.mom around now you are more than likely feeling tired. try and get more sleep or take a short nap,lesten to your body.and you might feel achy,if your back hurts try a heating pad of some ice.now for your baby.around this time your baby is 10in and somewere around 2 1/2 pounds.

ok dads it time for you to lesten

dads around this time you might feel left out.its hard for a women to go throw this rember she needs your help. here is a few tips that could help.when the going gets tough take a break.make time with your family they need you. play with your new baby.take advantage of your babys portability. be eatra patient! try not to schedule to much in one day.take care of your self.

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