Celebrity Endorsement

The benefits of a Socialite


In a collaboration mango came at one with high profile model Kate Moss, the link was done in an manor of which Moss was just the face to the clothing, no actual designs by her were made.


The ultimate Success

i wanted to include this precise collaboration because of the stories i heard about this collection. It was even more interesting wince Kate Moss didn't actually help with any design of these garment however was just the face of them so made to wear them. Even though this simple cream jumper was a basic in anyones wardrobe it seemed to just be needed up and down the county and sold out in record time and would go out of stock extrmemly fast. this was something parculiar but in Mangos case a very skilled and well chosen match since it really broought the brand a huge customer base and attention.
Kate Moss for Mango, Winter 2012