CC Week #7

Classical Conversations Midtown

Welcome Back!

Hope everyone has had a great Fall Break and is read for the next 6 weeks!

Family Presentations = Kelley

Playground Duty = Ellis & Hefner

Proportional Solar System

We will be going out side this Monday Morning to build a solar system out of different sizes of spheres!

Baked Potato & Mashed Potato Bar @CC School Lunch!/showRSVPSignUp/30e0b4daea72da5f85-cclunch

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Monday, October 24th

CC Week 7 Cycle 2 Science - What are 5 Kinds of Stars
CC Timeline hand motions explained Week 7
Cycle 2, Weeks 7 & 8, Stars and Sun Song

Education in Excellence

Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 7pm

6767 South Mingo Road

Tulsa, OK

Excellence in Education- Save the Date: Nov. 1, Tuesday, 7 p.m.

Classical Conversations, which is represented in the northeastern Oklahoma region, by 15 communities and over 1,400 students, invites you to this Excellence in Education and Prayer Event. Join us as our students present interesting facts from U.S. History, current events and inspire local citizens to engage in democracy. Pray with us for our nation and our leaders. Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families. So, come support these students, get a first-hand look at what they are learning and join with us in prayer for our state and nation.

Where: Asbury Venue

Speakers: Everett Piper, Joe Newhouse

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Classical Conversations Midtown Tulsa