Martha Rebecca Baker (Nan)

My Great Great Great Grandmother

Petite runs in the family...

Martha Rebecca Baker or "Nan" was born and raised in Wyoming ( near the Green River). When she was 18 years old, she got married to John Gilligan, a successful doctor born in Ireland .He was 17 years older than her. On Nan's wedding day, she measured 4 feet 10 inches, and weighed about 80 lbs. She also wore a size 4 in kids, her wedding shoes were actually the sample size of the shoes she wanted. After she died, my great great grandmother donated her tiny wedding dress to Fort Bridger Museum in Wyoming. My Mom, when she was about 12, visited the dress and told me that it looked doll sized and that she wouldn't of been able to fit into it. Even though she was very small and thin, she carried four children and lived to the age of 89 years old.

Where did she fit in history?

Nan was born October 13, 1873, this same year The Panic of 1873 broke out. The Panic of 1873 was a Financial Crisis that affected Europe, and some of North America. It was considered a Depression and lasted 6+ years in some places. It affected America because many banks failed, and there were many railroad strikes.

Nan and John were married on November 23, 1891 in Sweetwater Wyoming. At the time, Nan was 18, while John was 34... That same day, a huge Tornado struck Frostburg Maryland. The amount of deaths and injuries were unknown, and the damage path is unknown. The damages were unreal, an estimated $35,525 of damages which includes everything from a shattered window to a full railroad car being flipped over.

What Other Events Did she Witness?

Nan's Mother, Martha Scott was 27 when she had little Nan. Nan's birth Father was William Baker, but when Nan was only 2, he drowned in a nearby river.

After William died, Martha Scott remarried. On August 18, 1876, she remarried to George Gravelle, who owned a local drugstore. Three days before they were married, the U.S passed a law prohibiting Indians from mining in the black hills. They passed this law because word got out that they indians were mining up lots of gold, and the U.S didn't like that one bit.

Just about two years later, George Gravelle passed away on January 30, 1878. He died of Bright's disease only a few days after his son Gid was born. A little more than two weeks later on January 14, 1878, the Supreme Court rules that race separation on trains was unconstitutional. This was a big step for our nation.

Martha Rebecca's Death

Martha Rebecca Baker was born in 1873. She married John Gilligan in 1891, they had 4 boys but only one made it to adulthood. Sadly John died in 1949 leaving behind Martha, and their son George. Martha lived a full life and witnessed so many different things like the Great Depression, the 19th Amendment and both of the world Wars.

On May 10, 1962, Nan died in a hospital in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The cause of her death Cardio-respiratory failure, this was from the partial small bowel obstruction, due to inflammatory reactions. She had the inflammatory reaction for 6 months but had become severe, 3 weeks prior to her death. Her funeral Mass was held in a church in Green River, WY on May 14,1962. My great grandmother Patsy and her mother attended Nan's funeral with many other families and friends.