Ecoregion Comparison

By: Sabrina Jahn

General Information

The Texas panhandle plains are located in Northwest Texas. A major city in the area is Amarillo. The redwood National park is located in California.

Abiotic Factors

Abiotic factors in the Texas panhandle plains are the average temperature which is 55 degrees Fahrenheit and the average annual rainfall which is 22 inches.

Abiotic factors in the Redwood National Park are the average temperature which is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And the average annual rainfall is 71 inches.


The redwood national park has an abundance of sequoia trees or redwood trees. A tertiary consumer in the ecoregion is the black bear. In the Texas Panhandle a producer is wheat grass and and a primary consumer is an antelope.

Energy Flow

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The Redwood National park is a temperate coniferous forest biome. The Texas Panhandle plains is a grassland biome.

Human Influences

Some of the human influences on the redwood national forest are the positives such as: making it a national park, protecting the local flora and fauna. And the negatives like: some of the animals have become accustom to eating human food.

The human influences on the Texas Panhandle Plains are oil drilling and human populations.