Lesson 10 Vocabulary Presentation

By: Abby Moran

Complete the sentence.

While I was in New York City, I went to China Town and bought an _________ Kate Spade purse that looked exactly like the real designer purse I had seen in the Kate Spade store in Times Square.
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adj. False; counterfeit; doubtful, especially in authorship or authenticity.

Roots: APO <G. "away from"; KRUPTEIN <G. "to hide"

apocrypha, n.; Apocrypha, n.

Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms: Fictitious, spurious, unverified

Antonyms: True, real, proven, verified

Multiple Choice: Use the sentence in which the bold face type is used incorrectly.

A) Steve was arrested for paying with apocryphal money at grocery store, which is illegal.

B) Although I wanted to believe Anna's story about her saving a cat from a burning building, I knew it was apocryphal because I her mom said she had been home that entire day.

C) I found Jon's story to be apocryphal after he had three people confirm what he had said to be true.

D) I knew Bob's laugh was apocryphal because it had sounded strange and I hadn't said anything funny.

Helpful Hints:

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Psychology class coming in handy...

You can remember that people with conversion disorder believe apocryphal things. They believe they are blind or paralyzed when they are actually not.