Book Talk

By Kyle H


"Michael still thought of Havana as home, because he was born there. And he had been Miguel Arroya there. Here, he was Michael."


It all starts off with Michael(Main Character) saving the purse of an older woman by throwing a baseball across the field to snatch the thief. Little does he know how much attention he will get and how much trouble he is going to get into. Michael Arroya moved to America when he was 2. He's dad later died in a car accident forcing Michael's older brother Carlos(Main Character) to watch him. They kept this a secret knowing if they got caught, they would be seperated and Michael's real age would be known. Michael played for a baseball team called the South Bronx All-Stars. Michael was known as El Grande on it because thats the Yankees top picther, and since he lives in the Bronx(where the Yankees play) he loves him. While playing to get to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, to play in the LLWS, Michael has to fight through home arguements, friends, and the legal age of playing...


The theme of my novel is honesty is better then cheating because, Michael has to cheat through the season so he can play.


The conclusion of my novel surprised me a ton. I did not expect the ending to be like it. Mikie Lupica really gave this book a lot of thought and time, I enjoyed the whole novel. I would reccomend this book to boys, especially who love baseball. It's a great book with lots of action.