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Capital City: Singapore

Population: 5,460,302 (as of 2014)

Singapore Information

The highest point on Singapore is the Central Plateau, which reaches 538 ft.

Geographic Features

North: Malaysia

East: Malaysia, Indonesia

South: Indonesia

West: Indonesia


  1. 1867: Great Britain officially takes control of Singapore
  2. 1942: The Japanese begin occupation of Singapore during World War 2, renaming it Syonan
  3. 1987: The MRT ( Mass Rapid Transit- the underground metro ) opens
  4. 2003: Singapore becomes the first Asian nation to sign a free- trade deal with the United States

People and Places

  1. Malay, Chinese, Tamil, and English are all official state languages.
  2. Almost 50% of Singapore is Buddhist
  3. Other religions include Muslim, Taoism, Catholic and HIndu
  4. There are more than 18,000 people per square mile in Singapore!


  1. During the Chinese New Year, Singaporeans clean their homes from top to bottom.
  2. A common Singaporean dinner is fish head curry in a sauce with tomatoes, pineapple, and green onions.
  3. Education is very important to Singaporeans, almost every child goes to at least 6 years of school.
  4. Kids in Singapore usually have one other sibling, or none at all.


  1. Although Singapore has an elected president, it is actually the prime minister who runs the government.
  2. Most people in Singapore work at factories making electronic products.
  3. Singapore buys most of its products from other countries, usually Malaysia.
  4. Because SIngapore is so crowded the government limits the number of cars.

Fast Facts

  1. Since Singapore is a city, state, and country of its own, the capital of Singapore is, Singapore.
  2. At the Singapore Zoological Gardens, you can have breakfast with an orangutan.
  3. Until 2004, it was against the law to chew gum in Singapore because the government didn't like cleaning up chewed gum.


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