My Journey to Italy, Rome

By: Brendan Gray

How to Get There?

I will get to Italy, Rome by taking 1 flight from the DFW to Newark and from there I fly to Italy. It'll Cost 1,041 dollars

How will I get Around?

I will be walking most of the time, but I will be Taking the Taxi for those further places, In addition top that I will also use Public Transportation for the Really far places.

Sights To See

The Old Rome Including the Roman Collesum, as well as the New Rome, And Bathe Rome. (pronounced BAH-TH)

Food to Eat

Well in Italy there is a plethora of food such as Spaghetti, pastas and really appetizing Pizzas because in Italy it is Italian foods but they do have other places to eat such as Friday's and many other eateries. People in Italy usually have their biggest meal in the middle of the day what we call lunch they call Supper.

Cost of It all

So My round Trip costs 1,041 USD However If I were to add the cost of food and a place to stay it would be around 2,000 Dollars and the rest you could spend on Shopping and Attractions