Genetically Modified Organisms

What are GMOs?

GMOs are short form for "genetically modified organisms". That means that people have changed the organism so that they have traits that are not usually found in, for example, tomatoes.

What is a GMO???

A GMO is an organism (a living thing) that is genetically modified; in other words, an organism that has hybrid DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) that was made in a lab by humans. People take DNA from a fish and inject it into a potato so now, the potato is more resistant to water. GMOs are NOT naturally made in nature.
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Genetically modified food (GM food) is not good for us. People have made it so that they are growing super food. But, people are also creating extreme weeds that soon will be invincible and it wont be good. GMO food contains DNA from another organism which means, for example, a tomato contains fish DNA and when you are eating a veggie, it may contain meat. For now, GM foods have not been tested enough and may not be safe for eating. That is my opinion on GMOs.
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Science Says...

Ever since GMOs were introduced, there was a sudden increase in deaths and illnesses. Look at the Inflammatory Bowel disease chart in the right side --------------------------------->.

That is proof that GMOs are not good for people.