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November 20, 2015


-Mrs. Archambeau

Important Dates


20th - Report Cards Sent Home
20th - Archie Marble P-Party

23rd & 24th - Parent Teacher Conferences

25th- 29th - Thanksgiving Break

2nd: Unit 3 Math Test

7th-11th Scholastic Book Fair
21st thru Jan3rd - Winter Break

2015-16 YEARBOOK

Would you like to capture this year’s memories with a yearbook?

Your child should have brought home a yearbook flyer in this week's Friday folder. You may purchase the Martin yearbook online through Lifetouch using the following link: The Yearbook ID Code is: 10097316. The purchase price is $16.00. Orders will only be accepted online this year. The school will not accept cash or check payments. The deadline to place an order is March 18th, 2016. Orders received after this date will not be accepted due to deadlines enforced by the yearbook company.
Don't miss out! The yearbook is a great keepsake.

The Lightning Thief

As you may know, I have been reading the Harry Potter series aloud this year. When we return from Thanksgiving Break, we will be comparing the Sorcerer’s Stone to The Lightning Thief. These books share very similar plots and themes. The 5th grade team participates in a variety of activities surrounding The Lightning Thief. First, we would like to extend the opportunity for each student to create his/her own Camp Half-Blood t-shirt. (In the book, this is the name of the camp that Percy joins because he is half mortal and half god.) We will be creating ORANGE “Camp Half-Blood” t-shirts, like the ones described in the book on MONDAY, DECEMBER 7th. If your child would like to participate, please send in a plain orange t-shirt by that date. The shirts can be found at Walmart, Michaels, or Joann’s for a relatively low price. Please note that this project is NOT MANDATORY, and you are more than welcome to send in a different color if it is more convenient. We want as many students to have the “camp” t-shirt as possible. Thanks! J

Our Week in Review by Student Journalist Diana

Monday morning was like any other Monday we went over our vocab words, along with our root word phone which means voice or sound. Also we’re learning spanish origin words which means it originated in the Spanish language.

Tuesday, we practiced our fluency and after that we recorded some rok terms like point of view. Point of view shows what view or perspective a story is told. When an author uses first person we read words like me,we, and I. Second person is you, and third person he,and she.

This week we’re finding the author’s purpose using PIE P- persuade I- inform E- entertain and again E- express. Express is usually in poems but it can be used in other ways. Persuade is in ads and in books. Inform is when you tell a reader about something, like how color was added to television or how a pencil is made. Entertain is an exciting story of some sort like the series of Warrior Cats.

In science were making rovers as if we were going to send them to the moon. They have to be able to carry and take something off the moon as samples like a real rover on the moon. We all have a base rover and then we build off that. Some groups already have their rovers moving.

In the afternoon our teacher Mrs. Archambeau told us that we are doing the “Famous Person” research project. We all have to choose a person who made a big impact on the world. For example, someone like Thomas Jefferson who wrote The Declaration of Independence. BUT the Wax Museum will take place sometime around February. No need to worry.

On Wednesday, we did our Narrative Graphic Organizer for the Family photo writing assignment. Lunch was special. Kids that completed all of their homework on time, and never got an oops slip remained members of the homework club. During our 11:00 lunch, they went to Mrs. Archambeau’s room to eat pizza that was either sausage or cheese. While eating, they got to watch Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving{ first one}. We got to finish the entire movie. We were all told that with every trimester the prizes get better. Also it’s easier to do your homework then not do it.

Chesak Martin PTA Update

Upcoming Dine N' Share dates

-December 2nd- Chesak Dine N'Share at Culver's in Huntley (new location)

-February 24th - District 158 Early Childhood Center Dine N' Share at Lou Malnati's

There will be no PTA meeting in December. Mark your calendar for our January meeting: Wednesday, January 13th at 7:00 pm at Martin (children are welcome). Click Here to learn more about our meetings.

Trimester Two – The Archies Golden Ticket Count

Earned this week: 2

Total for Trimester One: 2

Trimester Goal: 30