Armenian Genocide

What happened

The Armenian genocide was when the Ottoman Empire was just starting and it wanted to expand more. Armenia was right in the way of expansion. The Armenian people didn't want to leave. The Ottoman Empire just started to kill the Armenian people. Some ways they were killed was Death walks where they walked the prisoners for days without supplies. Another way was mass killing. This was where they would pile people up and shoot or stab them.

My Big question

My Big question is why the Ottoman Empire killed 1.5 million people. The Ottoman Empire killed that many people because thier empire just started and they wanted to expand it. The Armenian people were right in the way. The Ottoman Empire just started to kill them because they were in the way. Two more questions I had were what Armenia was and my second question was how they killed 1.5 million people. Armenia is a country and The Armenian people live in that country. The Ottoman Empire killed the Armenian people by taking them on long walks until they starve to death. Another one was piling them up and stabbing them. They would burn down cities and let the townspeople starve and/or burned.