White Dwarf

By: McKenna Frystak

What is a white star

White stars are not actually white. When these stars start out hot they can be a violet color and when they cool they can be a deep red. A white dwarf begins its life as the star runs out of fuel. This will be the last stage of the stars life. After one billion years, the white star runs out of light and turns into a black star.

What's inside of a white dwarf

White dwarf stars are very compact. One teaspoon of their matter is equal to an elephant which is about 5.5 tons. White dwarfs are so heavy because they are made of degenerate gas. This means that the energy levels of atoms are filled with electrons. The heavier a white dwarf is the smaller it will be and the lighter it is the bigger it will be. White dwarfs have an atmosphere. Some of them can be pure hydrogen or helium. Fifty kilometers below the atmosphere is the crust. The crust is made of carbon and oxygen atoms.

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