Martin Luther King Jr's Impact

By: Melanie Lawrence

Martin Luther King Jr 's Early Years

He was born 15,1929, in Atalanta, GA. and years later married Jennie Celeste. Later his father, Martin Luther King Sr. , also was against segregation. MLK went to Booker T. Washington for high school. MLK got his PhD in 1955 and he was a very popular student and he wasn't much of a religious person, even though his dad was, later he took a bible class. Later he became a religious person and he became a pastor at the Ebeneezer Baptist Church.

He was Baptist minister and social activist what led the Civil Rights leader in the mid 1950s and also made a impact on race relations in the United States. Mr. King was trying to end segregation of African Americans which after more working he received a Noble Peace Price in 1964.

Martin Luther king Jr vs Malcolm x

how Martin Luther King Jr made a huge impact in our society

Luther was elected to lead the boycott and he didn't have many enemies. Luther is very famous for his speeches. which that is something that we will never forget. His speech that we will never forget is his, "I Have A Dream Speech" which was so inspirational to a lot of people. He encouraged student to join him in a nonviolent protest and he never used violence because he knew that violence was not the answer to solving problems. In January 1967, Luther and several others, founded the Southern Leadership Conference. They helped conduct nonviolence protest that helped promote civil rights reform. In February 1960, began and which is know as the" sit in" movement which was held at Greensboro,North Carolina. This group would sit in racial segregation lunch counters in city stores and even if they were asked to leave these group of american Americans wouldn't move. In August 1960 the "sit-ins" was successful in ending segregation at lunch counter in around 27 different countries.On October 19,1960, Martin and 75 students entered a department store trying to request Lunch Counter service but they were denied. when they refused to leave he and 36 other were arrested.