OLCC,P Kids Preschool

October 13, 2016

Our Lesson: Abraham believed God

The story of Abraham and Sarah has so much in it - this week, we focused on God's call for them to leave their home in Ur and travel to a new land where they would have more children than there are stars in the sky! Abraham and Sarah believed God's promises and obeyed God.

We had the kids "travel" around the room, then camp out in a tent and sleeping bag under some trees so they could experience how hard it was for Abraham to move so long ago. We also did a couple of projects with stars to remind the children of God's promise to Abraham.

Fall Nature Walk

Join us at West Bloomfield Nature Preserve for a Nature Walk and scavenger hunt on Monday, October 17th at 6:30pm. More information HERE.

OLCC,P Kids Preschoolers

Our goal is to teach children how to live a Christian life in a fun, creative way based on Biblical principals and the example that Jesus gave us.