Internet Safety

How to be safe online.

1. You should always give deep thought to what you are posting.

Do not give out personal information like names, addresses, phone numbers or anything else for that matter. This could be dangerous for yourself or the people you are talking about.

2. I will respect everyone online.

I will not post any mean or hurtful comments or try to hurt anyone's feelings. I will not take anyone's personal information and use it to hurt or damage them.

3. I will be wary of strangers online.

I will not open e-mails from strangers nor will I send or receive pictures from anyone I don't know, online. If there is a stranger that is harassing me or making me feel uncomfortable I will tell my teacher, parent, or another responsible adult.

4. I will stick to appropriate sites and not let anyone have my passwords.

I will only visit sites which are kid friendly and/or sites I have permission to visit from my parents, teacher, or another responsible adult. I will not share my passwords to any online accounts with anyone but parents or my teacher.