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October 16, 2015

Carroll Compass Dates

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Math News

Kinder Job Embedded PD-date change to Nov. 10 due to schedule conflicts.

Modified Math CBAs are located under Special Education folder on Forethought. Modified scantrons are separate from regular CBAs.

Kinder and 1st grade Academic Report Cards have been revised under a new format that does not allow to shade out nine weeks columns for specific standards; therefore, if the student has not learned the concept yet then mark "Developing".

Please make time to look at CBA data once you have completed a CBA. Remember they DO NOT go in the gradebook. When all of the scantrons have been put in, let me know and I can input the data into Autoscore for us to analyze during PLC.



The second nine weeks of writing is now available in Eduphoria Forethought. Please note the following:

· There is a grammar talks focus. Make sure you are dedicating some of your planning time to planning our your grammar talks.

· There are suggested assessments linked within the document.

· Other graphics are now also linked with the document.


Cluster 3 for grades K-2 is now loaded. Please take time to watch the videos of Cluster 3 for grades K-2. The documents are now linked within Eduphoria through Google Docs.


I will be doing a 3-hour LLI training after school over several days the week of October 26th. I will let you know the dates and times. Let me know if you are interested in being trained. You must be trained if you are going to be teaching an LLI group.

Reading Partnerships (see picture below)

Below are some great ways that you can utilize reading partnerships in your Readers' Workshop.

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5th and 4th grade science teachers are highly encouraged to attend your monthly district grade level science collaboratives from 3:30-5:30:

  • Oct. 20-5th grade
  • Oct. 27-4th grade

Participants will receive 2 hours PD credit. Sign up through eduphoria workshop. This is a time for teachers across the district to collaborate about upcoming lessons, CBAs, data, and teaching strategies that are working in their classrooms

When you have completed a science CBA, please schedule PLC time to look at the data to drive instruction. Also, after the CBA, students should be completing a student self-analysis so they better understand how to master the standards.

Learning New Things: Engaging ALL students

Continuing from last week...

The following information comes from Pages 48-56 of 7 Steps to Language-Rich Interactive Classroom by John Seidlitz and Bill Perryman. This week, we are focusing on Step 7 of 7.

Step 7: Have students participate in structured reading and writing activities

All reading activities should be purpose driven. In other words, you should be able to answer the question: Why am I having my students read this? Clearly define your purpose, plan and process for each reading and writing activity.

There are many samples of structured reading and writing activities in the book. Please see me for more ideas!