Country of Banacity

Country of Political Unrest By: Hanna Kim

The country of Banacity has recently been under political unrest that has shaken the world. The political unrest has not only affected the country itself and the country ruling over them but, also countries around them and countries that are involved in trade with them.

More about Banacity

Government type: Communist
Top political leaders: Adam Jone (Currently under the larger power of the country of Mo)
Location: Located out in the Pacific Ocean
Political status: Political unrest

Social classes: People of higher status are mostly citizens of Mo and the people of lower status are mostly common people that live in rural areas.

More about Adam Jone and Recent Political/Economic Conditions

Adam Jone has been ruling the country of Banacity for over 6 years. He has been leading the country as a communist party and therefore has complete power over everything that happens in the country. He has been leading the country in a relatively stable condition. However, recently there has been some huge economic loss in the country resulting from the over usage of money on military forces. The economic loss has not effected people of higher status significantly. However, people of the lower status have been having to pay more taxes, have had their lands taken by the government, and have started to become lower in the society than they already are. The gap of the poor and the rich has been becoming larger and larger. Also, the country is under a bigger power of the country of Mo. The country of Mo has made rules and laws that do not allow the citizens of Banacity to freely buy goods outside of the country. This has limited the types of goods that the Banacity people can get and also they put high taxes on goods in which the money goes to the country of Mo.

Rising up

The people of the lower status have opened their eyes to the widening gap between them and the people with a higher status. They have been struggling with keeping up with the high taxes, starvation from the loss of land and money, and in general the huge loss of money. They have decided that they can not just sit and let this happen and risk the situation of possibly even getting worse. The idea of citizens standing up and overthrowing the government has become ideal for them. There has been riots, protests, and even deaths from fighting for their rights. There has been two groups that have formed from the protesting. A group that protests following Gandhi's model of peaceful protest without violence and a group that believes the best way to protest is through violence. Even though these two groups have different views on how to protest, the one thing uniting them is the idea of overthrowing the government and standing up for their rights. They also want to be independent from the country of Mo and want the rights to freely buy goods outside of the country of Banacity and not pay high taxes on goods in which the money goes to the country of Mo.

Countries Affected By the Uprising

Countries around the country of Banacity have received a significant amount of impacts. The citizens of those countries have opened their eyes to how unfair their society is and how they too can stand up for their rights. There has been a few smaller uprisings in the countries around Banacity also. There has also been some groups of nationalists and democrats that have decided to help the people involved in the uprisings in Banacity. Trade has been temporarily been paused and the countries who were involved in trade with Banacity has experienced some economic decrease. The boycotts and protests of not buying goods, in which there are taxes that go to Mo, has caused there to be a huge decline in the economics of Mo.