What's the Buzz?!?

February 16, 2016

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Happy President's Day! I hope you are all enjoying an extra day off and have had some time to relax!! I just want to say, again, how truly appreciative I am of the way you all participated in Friday's In-Service Day. The collegial conversation was inspiring and I felt like I got to learn more about all of your teaching styles! Take a look at some of the pictures above from our Minute-to-win-It contest. I would like to congratulate Theresa Dougherty, Terri Reece, and Shelley Speranzini for winning the contest and earning a jeans day! Also, thanks to Bill Poyser, Nicole Hatfield, Mary Alice Getzinger and Colleen McVicker for being team leaders during our activities- they all earned a jeans day as well! Please let me know before you plan to take your jeans day :) I hope that the momentum felt in our faculty in-service pours out into your time with your aides, students, and parents. If I can be of any help with the TESA model, please do not hesitate to ask!!

I am excited to be in your classrooms over the next couple of weeks seeing some amazing lessons! I will be setting up individual pre-observation and post-observation meetings. Aides, please know that when I evaluate your teacher, I will also fill out an evaluation for you, as well as set up a post-observation meeting.

The next two weeks are pretty light (aside from testing), so I am able to make this week's "What's the Buzz?!?" a short one. Have a great (short) week :)

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A peek at our week

  • Please remember that Mrs. Masters will not be in the building on Tuesday and Wednesday. You are welcome to take your students to the library but will need to stay with them.
  • All specials classes will continue to be canceled on testing days until 11:26.
  • If you need help accessing the survey results please see me, Stephanie, Mary Alice, Mark or Kathy Ott. The Student Achievement Goal and Catholic Identity Goal sheets are due to me by Friday, February 19 at 3:00 pm. I thank you for all of your participation in the Mission and Belief Statement activities. The Steering Committee will meet on the 24 to go over your comments and opinions in order to present you with a final document to vote on.
  • We will have Stations of the Cross tomorrow at 2:20 pm. Please be in the Church no later than 2:15 pm.

Please continue to update your teacher pages by Sunday evening- you guys are doing a great job and it shows in the feedback received by potential St. Francis families!!