6P News

Week of December 7, 2015

Upcoming Events

Monday, 12/14:

  • Paper Maché

Tuesday, 12/15:

  • Book Talks due

Wednesday, 12/16:

  • 3 Alphabiographies due

Friday, 12/18:

  • All school sing along
  • Class holiday sweater competition
  • Sixth grade holiday movie
  • Class party 2:00-2:45

School resumes from Winter Break on Monday, January 4.

Warning: Monday will be MESSY!

On Monday students will use the electronic blueprints they have designed to make a paper mache model island. I do not have smocks for the students, but will do my very best to make sure that the process is relatively clean. If students would like to bring in an extra, old shirt to wear over their clothes for the paper mache process, that would be fine. I do want to go ahead and make sure everyone knows that we are paper macheing with a flour and water paste, so everything should wash out of the students' clothing just fine if they happen to make a little bit of a mess.

Winter Barnes & Noble Book Fair

This Sunday, December 13, from 12-4 will be the LeRoy Schools winter Barnes & Noble bookfair. From 12-4pm there will be activities for children, should they want to participate. The sixth grade team has put together a wishlist that will be available at the event. The majority of the books, aside from the novels, will be shared among the three class for research projects in the spring.

If you are interested in purchasing books for my classroom, instead of those that will be shared among the entire grade, I have put together a wishlist on Scholastic. You can access the list when you login here: https://orders.scholastic.com/L3RJB

Holiday Homework

I know this time of year is the time where students want to spend time with their families and relax. Despite this, I do have a few homework requests for my class. First, I would like each student to read for a minimum of one hour over winter break. In addition, I am requesting that each student complete one alphabiography ROUGH DRAFT before returning to school in January.

January 2016 Preview

I want to give you a sneak peek at some of the topics we will begin covering in January when students return from break.
  • We will begin working extensively with algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities in math.
  • Students will complete a group research project on a region of the United States and will be given a US map test, where they will correctly label each of the 50 states. Mr. Scott is preparing to teach them a song, Fifty Nifty United States, to reinforce this learning. With the help of Mrs. Marcy, all sixth grade students will be working on their abilities to reference textual sources as they complete their resource projects.
  • Each student will continue working toward finishing their alphabiographies, using each letter of the alphabet to describe themselves and the things that are important in their lives.
  • In Language Workshop we will continue to explore some history concepts as we complete an interactive read aloud of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, a book about the Holocaust.
Fifty Nifty United States vocals

Bonnie Pollock

Enjoy the holidays with your families. Even though I will be in Texas the majority of break, I will be reachable via email. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or comments.