Mechanical Engineering Technician

Nate Jenkins Period 2

What does a Mechanical Engineering Technician do?

Basically what mechanical engineering technicians do is help mechanical engineers design, develop, test, and manufacture mechanical devices, such as tools, engines, and machines.

What kind of training do Mechanical Engineering Technicians need?

The biggest things Mechanical Engineering Technicians need are as many sciences and math courses as possible in high school. Most people looking to hire Mechanical Engineering Technicians look for people with an associate’s degree or other postsecondary training in mechanical engineering technology.

What skills do Mechanical Engineering Technicians need?

They need to have knowledge of what Mechanical Engineering so that they can help actual Mechanical Engineers do their job better and more efficiently.

on average, how much does a mechanical engineering technician make?

The average Mechanical Engineering Technician makes about $50,000 a year.

what kinds of Job outlook is there on mechanical engineering technicians?

The employment of mechanical engineering technicians is expected to grow about 5 percent in the next 10 years, this is slower than the average rate of jobs growing.