Biodiversity in Amazon Rain Forest

By: Matthew Hyppolite


The amazon rain forests is in most South American countries. Countries such as Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana, Bolivia, Suriname, and French Guiana.

The Importance of Biodiveristy and the Amazon Rain Forest

Medical discoveries can be made from learning more about rain forest using biodiversity. The food we eat like fruits and vegetables and how they grow. The clothes we wear also have to do with biodiversity. The trees are important because they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

How the Amazon Rain Forest is Being Harmed

Most of the reasons why the Amazon Rain Forest and biodiversity are decreasing is because of human activities. Some human activities can causes a lot of harm to our environment and most people don't realize it. Some of these activities are the use of wood, like to build fires, air pollution form cars and over fishing.


Different things can be done to help the Amazon Rainforest. Some of those things are planting trees, providing habitats for lost animals, decreasing pollution. One big way people can help is by joining organizations. A lot of organizations like the Rainforest Foundation US and the World Wildlife Fund are doing a lot to help preserve the Amazon Rainforest.