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January 4 - Week 21 - Happy New Year!

Upcoming Events


  • 4th - Back to School
  • 5th - DS Mtg TW - 8:30 to 10am
  • 6th - CSI - Collaborative Inquiry
  • 7th - College A Cappella Choir Performance - 7pm
  • 8th - GeoBee - 8 - 9:30am
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UA Teachers

​Rotation 2 grades should be in Power School by January 4th @ 12:00PM.

Grades will be stored and check sheets will be printed for you to check all grades.

Please make all changes in your GradeBook and return sheets to Elaine with a notation that you have made all corrections.

Elaine will then re-store the rotation 2 grades.


Building CSI Time Adjustment for 1/13 and 1/20

Dear Colleagues,

For these two sessions, we will adjust the time to 2:00-4:00pm. The 13th will allow proper time for set up and drop off for food items to begin and enjoy, and the 20th is needed for the session we have planned. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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It is that time of year, when we have the opportunity to enjoy one another's company and good cookin'! Please join us for our Chili Potluck Meal on Wednesday, January 13th from 2:00pm-3:00pm. Certified staff will then head to their book talks from 3:10pm-4:00pm (facilitators, please let your group members know the meeting space). You can sign up for your contribution here.

Teacher of the Year

It is that time of year again, to start thinking about nominating one of our very own stellar teachers here at KP! Yes, we are all too modest to want to be nominated, but please consider it if you are nominated! And, please consider nominating a fellow teacher.

FORMS for nominations are in the office on the table in front of our mailboxes. Please fill it out and send it inter-office to HR Room 408 ATTN: Gert Perry by JAN. 7th!

PTO Fund Request Form --Due on January 8th.

Our PTO wants to support your needs. Thank you to Denise for making the request form a Google Doc. Please click below and make a copy.

PTO Fund Request Doc due January 8

Wellness News

Passing of the Rocks

Denise deMello is passing the Staff Wellness rock on to Jessica Kerelejza. I pass the Wellness Rock to you for your commitment to our LGBT community and creating the video for our Human Rights Day on "Building A wall against Bullying " and reminding students that it takes just one person to make a difference.

Megan Cassidy is passing the Student Success rock to Alana Cosgrove. Alana consistently figures out creative ways to meet the learning needs of the diverse group of students she works with and she does it with the most kind and positive attitude! She is dedicated to the success of all her students both in and out of school. Recently, Alana helped me come up with some solutions for a challenging situation. She goes above and beyond for her students and that is why she ROCKS!

Maria Marchese is passing the Community Engagement Rock to Maile Aleksa. Maile interacts with the school community in several different ways, and always with a smile. She consistently communicates with faculty, staff, students, and families. Maile provides an opportunity for special needs students to communicate within the KP and West Hartford Community. Her expertise with assistive technology allows special needs students to communicate successfully. Thank you Maile for everything you do!

You're a GEM

  • The Ruby Team would like to recognize Joy for making the weeks prior to winter vacation more enjoyable by finding small ways to celebrate each day. Thank you to you and your administrative team for making staff wellness a priority.
  • Cindy Rodriguez (a.k.a. Hallway Patrol Officer Rodriguez) from Gina Pudlo for really taking the time to hold our students accountable to the hallway expectations that we have set for them. Our hallway is much more calm and safe thanks to you.

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