The Telegraph

The first ever used phone

Timeline of the telegraph

1794- Claude Chappe. invented a non-electric telegraph by depending on sight. invented an alphabet with flag signals.
1807- Samuel Soemmering, invented a crude telegraph. connecting 35 wires in water, and the message was read by the amount of gas created from the electrolysis.
1825- William Sturgeon, invented the electromagnet. a large scare evolution for electronics.
1828- Harrison Dyar, made a telegraph with electrical sparks that burns a paper tape creating dots and dashes.
1830- Joseph Henry, created a sense of long distance communication by sending an electric current that caused a bell to strike.
1835- Samuel Morse, the best invention of a practical and usable telegraph.
1861- Western Union built first transcontinental telegraph line.
1863- Abraham Lincoln sent a call to Lieutenant Dobson two tell him to set up for a protection spot in Cemetery Mountain in Maryland.
1900- Fredrick Creed, found a way to convert Morse code to text.
1913- Western Union found a way to transmit eight messages simultaneously.
1914- Automatic transmission could submit 80-90 words a minute
1936- Western Union found a way to let a single wire carry 72 transmissions at a time.
1959- Western Union let subscribers use the teleprinter service to dial to each other directly

When the telegraph was famous

  1. It was mostly used and famous during the Civil War, it was used to contact president Lincoln from the generals and lieutenants across the union side.