Healthy eating equals a better life

🍨Its okay to not eat everything healthy 🍧

Why I choose this genius hour.

I choose this topic for genius hour so that people in general can learn about healthy alternatives that can expand their expected lifetime. Another reason I choose this topic is because it's very dear to me, since every year on average 678,000 people die to eating unhealthy. I could have just did a tedious slideshow that goes on forever and ever but I wanted to get my point across I wanted more than just my class to see this even if I can save just a few lives even if it's a strangers life I may never meet I'll feel happy. So I challenge anyone who's reading this right now, I challenge you to try to eat healthy every single day for a month. Trust me in the end you'll grow to love it when you're living longer and better than ever before. Are you up for the challenge?

What's unhealthy and what's healthy?

Some believe that the word diet is healthy, but it's not. Diet foods or drinks are usually very unhealthy due to being LOADED with artificial sugars/ sweeteners or even processed chemicals. Yum delicious right? That's not all there's also horrible things hidden in almost everything we eat or drink. For example sport drinks such as gator aid has food dye which contains a oil called petroleum which is found in gasoline... That's not all petroleum is found in it's also found in macaroni and cheese, candys, and just plain old cheese. Had enough yet? That's just some of the foods that contains petroleum.

Are grains healthy?

Grains are both unhealthy and healthy. Grains are only unhealthy if you're looking to lose weight, if not grains are perfect for the balanced everyday diet.

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Frequently asked questions about eating healthy

  • Why would you eat healthy when theres foods like cupcakes?
  • Answer- To live a healthier longer life and to prevent bone aches when you're older.
  • Why did you choose this project?
  • Answer- To spread awareness of healthy eating.

What's the best choices for eating right?

The best foods to eat when you wanna eat healthy are daily fruits and veggies, non red meats, fish, eggs yolks, eggs. If you really want to make your life better avoid red meats. Red meats commonly called pink slime, are highly processed and can harden blood vessels. Red meats can also cut your life span drastically. Some thing that you can get if your food is not prepared correctly is E. Coil, E. You never know what's in your meats. For example a butcher makes steak pieces and put them on the market. What the costumers do not know is that those steaks could possibly contain meat from 100's to 1,000's of different cows. The butcher was able to do this because of a product called transglutaminase aka meat glue.


Vegetarians are known for eating healthy however many vegetarians do not know that getting vegan can harm your health in many different ways in one way eating vegan does not supply fats needed to get vitamins D and A. Although eating vegan has it's perks for example, no tansglutaminases in their foods however it can also make your bodies lack of vitamins needed for a everyday healthy life.