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Engineered flooring Perth services customer satisfaction is vouched for we have mastered the art of timber installation and polishing with years of experience in the industry. Engineered floorings provide the excellent flooring that is constituted of two or more layers of wood in the framework of a plank. Among all the tiers, the top layer (lamella) is the wood that is in sight when the flooring is furnished and is attached to the base. Here in this engineered flooring procedure stability of the wood is the foremost concern. Each layer of wood is placed at 90° angle to the above layer.

The more they are placed at 90° angle above the layer above the more stability can be achieved. This stability has popularized engineered flooring universally. These days this is being installed over all types of subfloors above, below or on grade. Due to the stability of its products engineered flooring has been the most common type of wood flooring applied globally.

Engineered flooring Perth has great stability and can be installed directly onto concrete, chipboard or timber.

Laminated timber gives an original wooden look featuring a wear resistant decorative surface. They are abrasion resistant and easy to maintain.

The most common type of engineered flooring is timber wood flooring. These timber wood floors are constructed of sawn wood. Timber wood floors rule out the application of rotary peeled veneer, composite wood or plastic. Veneer flooring is another category. Here in this kind of flooring a thin layer of wood with a coat that is commonly a compound wood product is used. In Acrylic impregnated wood flooring, a layer of wood is used that is soaked with liquid acrylic. After it is properly impregnated with the acrylic a propriety process is taken place to harden it. Very often laminated flooring and Vinyl flooring are confused with engineered wood flooring but in reality these both are totally different from engineered flooring. Laminated flooring is not considered as a wood flooring as because only an image of wood on surface is used, while in vinyl flooring the surface is given a plastic form to look like wood.

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