The Bell Jar

A Novel Written By Sylvia Plath

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Meet Esther:

Esther Greenwood is a young woman from the suburbs of Boston. Esther is given the chance to work a summer internship at a prominent magazine in New York City under editor Jay Cee. Unfortunately, Esther isn't stimulated or excited by the big city and the glamorous culture/lifestyle that girls her age are expected to love. Instead, her experiences frighten and disorient her. This leads her to many struggles she faces through out the novel.

The struggles of a young woman

Esther is an autobiographical portrait of Sylvia Plath. The novel displays her journey into madness and her struggle to escape from it. The title of the book is a metaphorical explanation for what her insanity felt like. It is suffocating, and it closes her off from the world. Read more below to see what her story is about
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important events:

  • Esther is an intern at a magazine in New York City.
  • Esther attends a country club dance with her friend Doreen, where she's attacked by her date, Marco.
  • After returning home from New York, Esther quickly spirals downward into a deep depression.
  • Unable to sleep or work, she is referred to a psychiatrist, Dr. Gordon. Dr. Gordon introduces Esther to electroshock therapy, which only worsens Esther's condition.
  • Esther takes a few practice runs at suicide. She attempts the act many times but is unsuccessful. Eventually, Esther steals a bottle of sleeping pills from her mother's closet, burrows her way into a crawl space underneath the house, and swallows the pills.
  • Esther is rescued, and taken to a psychiatric ward of the hospital she's staying at.
  • Esther undergoes more electroshock therapy which goes well the second time around.
  • Esther loses her virginity to a Harvard professor but was sent to the hospital for treatment.
  • Esther's friend Joan commits suicide, and Esther attends her funeral.
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