Jessica Buchanan kidnapping

By: Matthew White and Dylan Jimenez

Situation of Jessica Buchanan

Jessica Buchanan was only 32 at the time of the kidnapping. Her trip to Somalia started off because she wanted to raise awareness for land mines . On her way back from training she was abducted by armed Somalians.


  • "About 10 minutes into the ride, a big SUV Land Cruiser comes roaring up to the right of us and slams its brakes and blocks us, and splashes mud all over the car and the windshield and the windows. And I think that's strange, like, 'What a jerk,' like, 'Who drives like that?' And the next thing I know there are all these AK[-47]s, like the butt of AKs, banging into the windshield and banging into the windows." (NPR books)
  • "Our first meeting was one hour. I don't think either one of us could have handled any more." (NPR books)
  • "When [my colleague Poul] turned around and looked at me — he's still in the front seat — I asked him, you know, what's happening. And he just looked at me and said “We're being kidnapped.”" (NPR books)
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