Theme Analysis

Reading and Writing Term: 3


Margo roth and Quentin Jacobsen have been friends since they were little. While growing up they seperated their own ways. When margo goes missing Quentin,Ben,Radar, and Lacey go find her with the clues she accidentally leaves behind.

Favorite activity

My favorite activity was making my book cover because it got to express people's creativity. We had to make a book cover with the title, author, illistrations on how the problem was solved.

Reflection Questions

Q: Have you ever done anything similar kind of work in the past?

A: No and thats what I like about it.

Q: What did you find frustrating about it?

A: Well I found it frustrating when I needed evidence but it wasn't on my theme organizer.

Q: In what ways did it not mean those standards?

A: I didn't connect it to the real world.

Q: One thing I would like to improve upon is...?

A: is trying to get all the expectations on the rubric.

Q: Whats one goal you would like to set for your self?

A: Try and use more evidence for my central theme.

Focus questions

-What book did you read for your theme analysis essay?

I read Paper Towns

-What is the central theme of your novel?

My central theme is always help your friends

-How do you make a convincing argument? What are the main components of argument writing?

Have evidence to support your Claim.

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