Let's Go Green in Turkey!

What can we do to save our future?

Why do you hate the nature? Why don't you protect the environment?

You live in a beautiful country but you don't love your country enough. If you loved your country, you would save the nature and you wouldn't waste paper. How many of you separate the rubbish based on plastic, paper and can? As a sensible citizen and a nature lover, I do it. How many of you tear a page out of your books fo fun? If you do this again, you will kill another tree, animal and human.

Let's meet at TED Hatay College to fight againts pollution!

On May 12th, at 10 a.m, TED Hatay Nature Lovers Club members are going to meet at TED Hatay College and they are going to tell people what will happen if they don't protect the nature. Secondly, they are going to plant trees for the children of the future. Lastly, they are going to pick up the rubbish on the roadside. What would you do if you lived in a rubbish dump with your family? You're lucky that you still live in a clean country, so you must come and help us save our future!
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