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Emergency Medical Technicians

Emergency medical technicians care for the sick or injured whos lives depend on their quick reaction and comptent care in emergency medical settings, also EMTs respond to emergency calls, respond medical services and transporting patients to medical facilities.



  • respond to 911 calls
  • transport patients to hospitals
  • drive ambulances

  • asses a patient's condition and determine course of treatment
  • use defibrillators and other specialized equipment to treat injuires

Job Outlook

There is over 200,000 jobs as of right now and the employment is expected to increase by 33 percent which is over average. Emergenices such as car crashes, natural disasters and increasing number of age-related emergencies will continue to create a demand for EMTs. Emergency Medical Technicians do not really have a common injury they deal with because they deal with such a wide range of them; however, they deal with common emergency situations such as car crashes, fire burns, natural disaters and etc.

Education and Qualification

In order to become an Emergency Technician you need to obtain a certificate showing certification or an associate's degree. Personality wise it helps to be interested in helping people, cool headed, patient and a good listener. It also helps to be compasionate and a quick thinker that can prioritize risks. Two schools that specialize in Emergency Medical Technology is Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville North Carolina and Southwest Virginia Community College in Cedar Buff Virginia.


Beginning Salary: $19,170  Average Salary: $30,360  Expectional Salary: $51,370


I would be interested in looking more into this job and possibly making this my career because I have always wanted to help people with my job when I got older. EMTs are the first ones on the scence and they have such a great impact on a person's lives. They are not doctors but they still save lives in medical situations.
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