'Make It Count' Monday!

You Can Still Sign-Up Today and Enter Minutes since June 3!

Can't Remember What You Logged?

If you've been a participant in 'Miles and Minutes' in past years, you may have noticed that this year, you can no longer see a running log of your activities that you have recorded. FHN changed this to help protect your privacy. We contacted them to see if it could be restored to how it had been. Their response follows. The good news is, you can contact them at wecare@fhn.org and they will get your personal log to you if you need it.

From FHN:

"As described in the registration, we have revamped the program to ensure more protection of your Personal Health Information (PHI), which includes the details associated with collecting specific exercise activity that is associated with your name.

Beginning this week, we will provide a running total on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays of the number of minutes you’ve exercised in the program thus far. On those same days of the week, we will also provide updated standings of where the schools stand as far as the number of miles that have been “donated” to them by those exercising on their behalf. If you need information about what you’ve already logged, you can contact us anytime. If you would like a printout of your activity, we can provide a hardcopy at the end of each month – or the entire program, at the end of it – at your request. Please feel free to contact me in either case and I will route your request for quick handling.

We will be working to provide additional security AND the ability to access your personal information, including exercise logging as well as other personal data, in next year’s program. Thank you very much for participating!"

Click here for the Current Standings--We're in 1st Place!

Time to Enter Your Active Minutes!

The 'Miles and Minutes' program began Monday, June 3--and you can still enter all of your active minutes since June 3!

(If you don't know what 'Miles and Minutes' is click here

for an explanation of what it is and how it works.)



It all counts . . . but only if it is logged in their Miles and Minutes account.

We know that many of you are busy

and don't have time to enter your minutes every day.

Start your week off (on Monday--or on Tuesday) by entering all of your minutes

from the past week (or 2 weeks if you haven't started yet).

It will only take about 5 minutes--plus it will give you a great review

of all you accomplished in the past week--

and give you incentive to start this week off on the right foot!

Please let your family and friends from across the country (or the world)

know that they can log their active minutes for Aquin and help us from anywhere!

That's right, you can still sign up for FHN's Miles And Minutes program without having missed logging any of your minutes!

Register online at www.fhn.org/milesandminutes. All of the rules of the competition are there, as well as information about how miles and minutes will be calculated to determine the winning school systems.

A calculator on the website automatically converts minutes of almost any type of physical activity into miles, and prizes will be awarded in miles in two categories:
  • School system with the most average "miles" logged per participant
  • School system with the most "miles" total

This year, look for special challenges to give your school more chances to win prize money!

Miles are normalized based on number of students to help ensure that all schools have an equal chance to win. First prize for each category is $2,000, second prize is $1,000, and third prize is $500! Prize money will be awarded in September.
  • For FitBit or other step-counting programs, please use the following conversion: 1 mile or 2,500 steps converts to 30 minutes of Walking/Stroll.

Competition began Monday, June 3 and runs through Sunday, September 8. Participants (must be age 12 and above) can support any local school system, and running totals will always be on the website as well as reported through the media.

Log your minutes . . .

. . . and help Aquin win $2000--TODAY IS THE DAY!



Click here to get registered for 2019!

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