Bling-a-licious Booking Bingo!

lots of fun prizes to be won for booking & sponsoring!

Awesome April leads to a Magical May and Joyous June!

Hello lovely ladies on my 1st & 2nd Lines.

So, many of you have big goals for next few months - re-igniting your business, sponsoring more or for the first time, promoting - and I am so excited to help each of you achieve what you have in your sights!! Whether it is being consistent in your business with two Trunk Shows a month, achieving level 4 of Glam Getaway, or promoting a career level (or two!) by Hoopla, I am happy that we can work together to help you get there!

Our business really begins, and thrives, on the in-home Trunk Show. Any struggles you are having with your business can be remedied by having a Trunk Show:

Need more bookings?? Have a Trunk Show!! There is the low-hanging fruit of customers who are loving so many things that they can't possibly buy all in one night - ready for hosting to earn it free!!

Want higher sales?? Have a Trunk Show!! Make an effort to up-sell every customer at check out by helping them "finish the look" and offering them the Trunk Show exclusive of the month.

Want to sponsor more? Have a Trunk Show!! The more Trunk Shows you have, the more people you are going to be talking to about the opportunity.

With that philosophy in mind, I would like to propose that for the next 8 days, we get laser-focused with regards to booking - and I am prepared to make this a fun, interactive and REWARDING experience!!

~Today through May 1st~

This is a picture of my lovely homemade BLING Bingo board (don't laugh!) :-)))))

Starting today, for every new show you book for May, you will receive a spot on the board (I'll pull a numbered piece of paper out of a bowl, which will correspond to a space on the board). If you book in tight and book it tp be held before May 15th, you will receive TWO spots on the board!

** To be entered, email me or post on our team FB page the date of the show and Hostess' name **

And while the goal of this incentive is to promote BOOKING, if you sponsor, that will of course, be rewarded, too!!!!! Leverage the April sign up special and sponsor someone before May 1st and you will receive FOUR spots on the board!!

As you can see by my very home-spun creation (!), there are various prizes to be won - the more shows you book, and the more you sponsor - the more chances there are to win!!

So who is ready to set this Spring on fire?!?

Unsure of how to start? Listen to these training calls to help get you fired up and ready:


1. Booking from Scratch:

2. I am Having Trouble Booking Trunk Shows:

3. Best Tips on Booking:

Stay tuned to our Hudson Blings Team FB page for other tips and ideas. Also feel free to share what works for you on our page, and cheer on your teammates along the way, too!! If you are experiencing challenges, I am here to help, or post on our FB page for suggestions from the peanut gallery ;)


Happy Booking!!!!!

(Mother Hen!)

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