The Girl and Her Friends

Aurora Dericotte

One day a girl named Sarah told her friends that she got the lead role in the play. But she obviously didn't get the role. "That is so great!" all her friends said. The friends believed what the girl said.

When the show came around there was no sign of their friend but another person playing the lead role! "Ugh, I can't believe you fell for that," Sarah said.

"Well how were we supposed to know?" said one of her friends.

Sarah walked away as her friends became sad. But one girl realized that they needed their revenge. So the next day all of her friends said that they got a role in the musical. Sarah envied them and walked away.

When the show day arrived there wasn't a single sighting of the Sarah's friends. They had never came to school that day but they went out to the mall together.


The moral of the story is treat others the way you want to be treated.