Eat, pray & love

Welcome to our restaurant.

Hope you enjoy the traditional british food in our moderns dishes with the most paceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Menu 1

Egg-in-the-hole smoked salmon & avocado toastie.

Make someone special a brunch to remember. Use a cutter of your choice to create a specially-shaped sandwich.
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Baked eggs with potatoes, mushrooms & cheese.

Crack eggs into this oven-baked take on a potato hash for an easy one-pot dinner or brunch
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Soft-boiled duck egg with bacon & asparagus soldiers.

Boiled egg and soldiers goes grown up, with pancetta and asparagus sourdough fingers and creamy duck eggs.
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Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon & chives.

Get your poaching technique honed and serve up this brunch classic- it's easily-doubled to feed a family or crowd.
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Waffles with banana and salted caramel sauce.

Smother fluffy waffles fried bananas, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce for an indulgent dessert or brunch time treat.
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Potato & spring onion breakfast pancakes.

This Irish-inspired breakfast, brunch or alternative side dish is based on 'boxty', or potato cakes.
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Green fritters.

A quick, easy and healthy breakfast that will keep you satisfied until lunch, with eggs and green vegetables such as broccoli and courgettes.
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Egg & tomato baps.

Fill wholewheat bread rolls with juicy tomatoes and a herby omelette for a filling yet cheap breakfast or brunch.
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Purple sprouting broccoli, poached eggs & hollandaise.

This twist on the classic brunch dish, eggs Florentine, replaces spinach with purple sprouting broccoli - serve over sourdough.
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Apple & blueberry Danishes.

These delicious fruit pastries are a must for your next brunch.
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You mustn't wear tracksuit and trainers in our restaurant.  We and our employees are dressed with a uniform: bow tie, white shirt, black waistcoat and black trousers.
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