Eisley Comerford


Freshwater food web

The sun is the source of all energy. Some of the producers in this food web are:

Zooplankton, Bacteria, Phytoplankton, and Algae. A few of the consumers are bass, mayfly, and trout. The tertiary consumer of this web is the heron.

How humans affect the environment

An increase in population makes excessive demands on natural resources, and increases the demand on agricultural and live stock. Using chemicals, fertilizers, and insecticides to increase population actually pollute the air and water. Removing trees and other plants to increase areas of cultivation causes habitat loss.

3 organisms

For my 3 organisms I choose a heron, bass, and zooplankton. The heron is the territory consumer, the bass is a consumer, the zooplankton is a producer, and bacteria is the decomposer. The heron eats the bass, the bass eats the zooplankton, the bacteria is the decomposer.
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