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about neon

  • the atomic number of Neon is 10.
  • Neon has a atomic mass of 20.
  • neon has 10 neutrons.
  • Neon has 10 protons.
  • Neon has 10 electrons.
  • Neon has 8 valence electrons
  • Neon will not be hard to find as it is the forth most abundant element in the universe
  • Neon is in group #18 (Neon is a noble gas)
  • Neon is found in nature but to make different colors u have to mix neon with other elements, for example ix it with hydrogen it will turn purple but neon glows bright red or orange.
  • Neon is a non-metal
  • Neon is a non-reactive element because it has 8 valence electrons.(full outer shell)
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This is neons atomic modle

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This is what pure neon looks like.

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neon is verry comonly used for making light up sighns