Public Relations

Fundraising Manager

Job Description

Public Relations in this job the managers have to plan and make directions to maintain the public image of someone.They also make campaigns in order to bring in donations for their clients.
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Skills Necessary

For this particular job you need to be able to travel and do public speaking while interacting with a lot of other individuals.Also, having a bachelor's degree and some positions require a masters degree.
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Required Training

You must receive a bachelors degree and have certain years of experience depending on the position.Also, most candidates for public relations positions have to pass an exam in order to be certified.You can receive this training in different school or work places to gain experience in the industry.


The wages for public relations are divided into five different categories based on the different industries in the whole nation. The top industry is the professional,scientific,and technical industries that get paid a wage of approximately $131,000 annually.The second top industry is Management of companies and enterprises which get paid $122,000 annually.The third largest is the Religious,grant making,civic,professional organizations that get paid $96,000 annually. Lastly, State and local government get paid $86,000.

Job Setting

This particular job you have to be in high stressful environments with a lot of people and public speaking is the main part of it. There is a lot of managing and organization that goes into the Public Relations field and Fundraising manager. The individuals that work in this environment have long hours during the business work week.
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Internships Availiable

The internships that are available for public relation jobs are ones with big companies that have public figure and need a spokesperson. In order to make a positive image on the company,in Atlanta there is an internship for a Public Relations Rep for the Company Coca-Cola.There also, and available Student intern at Wellstar and that is one prominent hospitals in metro Atlanta.
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International Positions

For this field the international positions in different parks of the world like UK,Australia,France,and New Zealand. There are the public relations positions for celebrities and in many different fields around the world for different industries.
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For this industry networking is a huge part of making it to the big leagues I would say for Public Relations.Also, there are many different events with people that have many opportunities to make networking. Meeting individuals will help you gain connections to have a future job in the industry and connect with the field.