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First week at a glance

First day of School

A special thank you to parents for keeping the flow going smoothly for Drop-offs and Pick-ups!

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Students need to be in the building by 8:03. Doors will not unlock until 7:40. Please be aware if you drop your child before 7:40 they will need to wait outside until the doors unlock.

Regular Schedule (MS/HS)

Wildcat time-2:55-3:15

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Riceville Activity Center (RAC)

With another school year upon us Riceville CSD would like to share some reminders with you for usage of the Riceville Activity Center (RAC).

The RAC is open from 5am - 11pm and open to the public on school days from 5am-10am along with 5pm-11pm. To use the RAC one must have a membership which can be purchased (to get a key FOB) in the superintendent's office. Memberships are good for one year and are $100 for an individual, $120 for a couple, and $150 for a family.

There is a calendar outside of the RAC weight room facility that entails what events are happening various days of the week that you will want to be aware of. Often our coaches / athletes can work together with you to utilize the space as needed during RAC member times outside of the school day stipulated above.

Any students 8th grade or younger need to have adult supervision when present in the RAC during non school hours. If a student is in 9th grade or above they may use the RAC by themselves. We ask that high school students do NOT bring younger siblings to the RAC without parent supervision.

A reminder that the RAC is a community building and we hope members can all work together to keep it as clean and pristine as possible.

Nurse's Notes

Story Walk

Check out this amazing project! Reading and walking!!! A huge shout out to Nurse Michelle for making this happen!!

A letter from Barb

August 26, 2022

Dear Wildcat Families:

Thank you, thank you for an AWESOME first week of school! It was wonderful to see so many of you at Back to School Conferences, the first day, and at our school this week!!! THANK YOU for all you do as parents as it does not go unnoticed! Paying for registration, lunch money, and the basics make August an expensive month, but we are always willing to work with families as needed. As with any new school year, we are working out issues that arise. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

After going through the last years with numerous mitigation requirements for COVID, the district has learned much about what works in these situations. Most importantly, we know that most kids learn best in school, having routines, and that clear expectations are very important for social-emotional health for both staff and students. We continue to work with MCPH/IDPH as there are active COVID cases.

IDPH’s current recommendations for individuals who test positive for COVID are the following:

  • Isolate for 5 days. Day 0 is the first day of symptoms. If you do not have symptoms, day 0 is the day you test.

  • After the 5 day isolation, you can return out and about on day 6 if symptoms have improved, but should wear a well fitting mask around others for 5 additional days (day 6-10). If you are unable to wear a mask when around others, you should continue to isolate for the full ten days.

  • After the 5 day isolation, if symptoms have not improved, wait to end isolation until symptoms start improving.

  • Household members of a positive covid case,

  • Household members may come to school and will wear a mask days 0-10 if they are showing no symptoms.

  • Day 0= Day of phone call to office.

  • If symptoms develop during this time, stay home.

  • Students have the option to complete the 10-day isolation period home, if they are unable to mask appropriately.

  • We do ask that parents/guardians please monitor their child’s health at home before coming to school. If your child feels ill, the parent should keep the child at home. If COVID-19 is suspected, testing will be encouraged.

Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for our students and school! It has been a wonderful week and we look forward to an AWESOME year where our students SHINE!

GO Wildcats!!!!

Mrs. Schwamman

Meet our foreign exchange students!!

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Adrian Haetta Balchen has traveled from Norway to join the Steff and Darcy Fair family for the school year. He is an outgoing and trustworthy person who enjoys sports, movies, history, math, and talking with people. Adrian is fluent in three languages: Norwegian, Sami (an indigenous language of Norway), and English. While he is attending Riceville, Adrian plans to participate in football, basketball, and maybe golf. If he could visit one place while he is in the United States, he would like to visit Arlington National Cemetery. After his exchange year in the United States, Adrian plans to finish school in Norway and study in the military. He would like to become an Air Force pilot.
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This year the Bowen family welcomed Sara Fraije from Denmark! Sara has been living in Iowa since August 6th and has spent some of her time meeting locals before school started and preparing for her year as a Wildcat.

Things to know about Sara…

She’s an adventurous eater and really loves sushi and snacking. Salt and vinegar chips and dark chocolate are some of her favorites.

Sara loves the colors pink and yellow.

At home in Denmark Sara lives with her Mom, Dad, and older sister. She also has a dog for a pet but isn’t very fond of cats or birds.

She enjoys traveling, is a social-butterfly, and is considering joining cheerleading and track while attending school in Riceville.

Sara is looking forward to attending Friday night football games, seeing the school spirit in the Riceville community, and going to prom with the friends she makes while here!

Meet the new Staff!!!


Principal Squared

PK - 8 Principal Heather Suckow

9-12 Principal Marcia Grimm

Superintendant Barb Schwamman