Chapter 4 Test

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Chapter 4 Review

6th Grade Chapter 4

Enter the appropriate word(s) to complete the statement.

1. Nuclear power plants and geothermal power plants both use _______________ to turn the turbines of the

generators that produce electricity.

2. Burning fossil fuels produces _______________, which may cause Earth's climate to warm.

3. To use geothermal energy, people drill wells to reach _______________ or bodies of magma.

4. _______________ energy comes from the nuclei of uranium atoms.

5. _______________ is the ability to cause change.

Match the related renewable energy resource to each disadvantage.

a. solar

b. wind

c. water

d. geothermal

e. biomass

6. less energy produced on cloudy days

7. large-scale use limited to areas with fast flowing rivers or great tidal differences

8. large-scale use limited to tectonically active areas

9. best sites are far from urban areas and transmission lines

10. high cost of collection cells

11. negative impact on aquatic ecosystems

12. production of electricity affected by long periods of little or no rainfall

13. requires drilling a well to reach the source

14. potential impact on bird populations

15. air pollution results from burning some forms

Indicate whether the statement is true or false. If it is false, change the identified word(s) to make the statement


16. Chloe’s dog Ralph naps in a spot on the floor where the sun is shining through the window. Ralph is using a

renewable energy source, solar power, to stay warm. _______________

17. Uranium, used in nuclear reactions, is a nonrenewable energy resource. _______________

18. Forest fragmentation is a(n) advantage of the use of nonrenewable energy sources such as coal.


19. The use of biomass energy results in water pollution. _______________

20. Land is a natural resource because it is used by living things to meet their needs. _______________

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Indicate the answer choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

21. Which of the following is a nonrenewable energy resource?

a. solar energy b. wind energy

c. fossil fuel d. tidal power

22. A limiting factor for using nuclear energy is the ____ produced.

a. flooding b. pollution

c. waste d. heat

23. The form of energy in fossil fuels is _____ energy.

a. nuclear b. chemical

c. radiant d. electrical

24. Energy released from atomic actions is called _____.

a. atomic energy b. nuclear energy

c. fusing energy d. electrical energy

25. What is impermeable rock? Use the figure to help you decide.

a. layers of rock through which oil and natural gas could not pass

b. layers of rock through which oil and natural gas could pass

c. layers of rock through which only natural gas could pass

d. layers of rock through which only oil could pass

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26. Waste materials from nuclear power plants _____.

a. cause no pollution

b. are completely safe

c. are dangerous to living things for thousands of years

d. are dangerous to living things for a few days

27. Which illustration of the stages of coal formation shows the formation of peat?




d. none of these, because the formation of peat is not part of the process of the formation of coal.

28. About how many times more energy came from oil than from nuclear power in 2007?

a. 40% b. 8%

c. 37 times as much d. 5 times as much

29. Which of the following is a source of renewable energy?

a. solar power b. fossil fuels

c. nuclear fission d. oil

30. Geothermal energy comes from _____.

a. the Sun b. Earth’s interior

c. Earth’s crust d. Earth’s atmosphere

31. Which of the following is NOT a nonrenewable energy resource?

a. oil b. coal

c. uranium d. wood

32. Which is NOT a disadvantage of the use of solar energy?

a. less energy produced on cloudy days

b. high cost of solar cells

c. requires a large surface area to collect and produce energy on a large scale

d. potential impact on bird populations

33. A wind turbine is most like a _____.

a. windmill b. sail

c. kite d. windsock

34. A house is built so that the back of the house is buried in a hill. The front of the house is made up of windows

that face south. These windows allow the sun to heat the house. This is an example of which of the following?

a. active solar energy b. passive solar energy

c. a solar power plant d. a nonrenewable resource

35. _____ is a fossil fuel.

a. Oil b. Water

c. Electricity d. Nuclear fuel

36. Give an advantage and a disadvantage of nuclear energy.


37. List two advantages and two disadvantages of fossil fuels.


38. Why do we need to find an alternative to fossil fuels?


39. Why is it necessary to include some kind of storage mechanism in a solar energy system?


40. Give two reasons why people say that we have an energy crisis.