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Customer Appreciation DOUBLE Hostess credits has been EXTENDED!!

If you weren't able to get a Pop Up on the books before the 15th to take advantage of the DOUBLE credits - or you weren't able to get that Pop Up to $1,000 by the deadline.... WELL - GREAT NEWS!!! This promotion has been extended till the end of the month!!!

This is so awesome for your hostesses and for your SELF hosted events. Let's see how many of you will get all those credits!!

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EVERY SINGLE LEADER will be raffling off $150 in jewelry/business supply credit to one of their participating team members! How?

Merchandisers earn a ticket for the raffle for every $300 in pop-up volume they generate between March 11 and March 31. Additionally, $300 must be secured in one event ... it cannot be combined across multiple events.

Merchandisers can earn raffle tickets across multiple events (assuming each event achieves a minimum of $300 in the qualifying time period), and raffle tickets are stackable per event in $300 increments, meaning that the more successful your event is, the more chances you get ($300 event earns one ticket; $600 event earns two tickets, $900 event earns three tickets, etc). Who's ready to to get popping and earn tickets towards $150 in jewelry and business supplies???

Also - teams will be elimited from bigger prizes as we go - (like basketball - and the Final Four). We will be pitted against teams daily and hopefully move on to the finals for other prize options... Let's get excited. I'll post in the Facebook Group who we are going against each day. (want in the Facebook Group - message me on Facebook and I'll add you).

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Dianne Dixon

I'm your go to girl and team leader. I am also a Merchandiser just like you who is working my business every day!!

How can I help you?? Please reach out to me!!