What does the internet know?

By:Samantha Halada

What is really safe.

There is no privacy on the internet. No matter what the internet will always have what you put on it. As Rebecca Martinson knows, there is no privacy on the internet, she sent a email to her sister and her boss looked her up saw it and was forced to resign. Companies or people can easily go on the internet and find out your address, gender, date of birth and, with a little bit of searching, your Social Security number. Anything you put on your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Foursquare and others. is no longer “just your business” it's everyone's business, anyone can see it. With all of this information right where anyone can see it strangers could stalk you and you may not get into colleges or get jobs that you want for what you you post. So what does the internet know about you, not everything but probably more than you think.

My Opionion

If I were you and I thought something weird was going on I would turn your social media sites settings to private so only your friends can see it. That way only people who you actually know can find out about you. Try to only friend people who you actually know and have meet. I will definitely start watching what I put on the internet more after learning about this.