Freshman Academy Biology Agenda

Wednesday September 11, 2013

Complete AND Present our "Who am I" projects

Use the first 10 minutes of class to finalize your presentation.

Complete Peer Review Process

Use the concept of the "Feedback Sandwich" to help your fellow classmates improve their presentations.

Answer the first 3 questions, then choose at least 3 more questions to finish project.

1. Learning Styles (math)

2. Ethnic/Cultural Background


4. Bucket List

5. I am good at….

6. Something you should know about me…

7. Unique

8. Favorite __________ is…

Choose 6-8 things to talk about, but you must use 1-3.

  1. How long did you go to college?.... 9 Years - and counting!
  2. How old am I? - Old
  3. Why are you a teacher? I love helping others learn!

Important contact info for you and your parents/legal guardians.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

I have a fear or 2...

Being consumed by a Grizzly Bear ;(