Foam Roller & Core Class

Sat 16th March 09:00

This 45mins class uses a GRID roller to focus on muscle release and is a full body core workout.

You will get the many benefits of stretching which improves the length of muscles, while foam rolling will improve the tone of the muscle as it helps to breakdown soft-tissue adhesions and scars.

Benefits of foam rolling

Some of the benefits of foam rolling are:

• Improved mobility and range of motion

• Reduction of scar tissue and adhesions

• Decreased tone of overactive muscles

• Improved quality of movements

Essential Wellbeing

Classes are run by Samantha Harlow is an experienced Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer and Rehab Trainer.

If you have been advised to use a foam roller or interested in it's benefits this class is perfect. You will learn about correct positioning and techniques for using the roller.