The Fun and Interesting Hawaii

made by Ileesha Bradford

Facts about Hawaii.

The Capital

The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu it is a very beutiful place.

The state nickname

Hawaii's state nickname is the Aloha state were you can get peace and quiet.

Date of statehood

Hawaii was the 49th state to join the United States on August 21,1959.

Tourist attractions

Hawaii has fun attractions that you are sure to want to come back you come and see volcanoes.

State tree

The state tree of Hawaii has kind of white buds in it it's very pretty and it is called the Kukui-candlenut.

State flower

Hawaii's state flower is a very pretty pink and it is called the Hibiscus.

The state bird

The state bird is a pretty big bird that kinda looks like a goose and it's called the Nene.
Maui, Hawaii's top 5 attractions