Wood Ducks

By: Austin Pfeffer


Male Wood ducks are well known for their bright colors they show during the breeding season. Amazing colors of purple, green, blue, red, white and black make the male wood duck stand out. When outside of the breeding season, their colors are a much plainer gray and brown. Wood ducks are usually found near water sources like ponds and marshes, and also wooded rivers and large streams. Unlike most ducks, wood ducks nest in trees, like a woodpecker hole.


Wood ducks breed mostly in Central and Eastern United States, Southeastern Canada, and also along the Pacific Coast. The ducks prefer habitats that consists of freshwater marshes and/or wooded swamps while breeding. When the females are ready to nest, they like to find either a tree cavity or a nest box. On average, a female Wood Duck usually lays around 12 eggs.


My favorite thing about the Wood Duck is the different look about them. The Wood Duck does not look like any other kind of duck I have seen. This is why I chose this duck, because of the bright array of colors on its head and feathers.