Walt Disney

By: Ahilyn Aceves

Mini Biography

Walter Elias "Walt" Disney was born on December 5, 1901. In Hermosa, Illinois. Walt Disney began drawing and painting as a child when he lived in Marceline, Missouri. Walt would go around selling his drawings and paintings to family, friends, and neighbors. McKinley high school was the school Walt attended in Chicago. In this school he took drawing and photography classes. At night he would take classes at the Chicago Art Institute. Walt then went to work with an Ad company in Kansas City. Walt worked hard to be able to earn his own studio. He called it Laugh-o-grams. Laugh-o-grams was also what he and his associates called their cartoons. Then in 1923 Walt had to declare the business bankrupt. After that Walt, his brother Roy and an associate, Iwerks, moved to Hollywood, California. There the three of them started Disney Brothers Studio. They started creating cartoons such as: Alice cartoons, and Oswald the lucky rabbit. They made their first deal with Margaret Winkler, a New York distributor. Walt found out a few years later that Winkler stole Oswald the lucky rabbit! Winkler also stole some Disney animators. Quickly, Walt had to bounce back up, and that's when he created Mickey Mouse on a train, in 1928. This mouse would soon become the face to all things Disney. At first Walt, Roy, and Iwerks created black and white soundless cartoons, but none of that seemed to be interesting to the people. That's when SteamBoat Wille came out. Walt incorporated sound and music into this animation. Everybody loved Mickey Mouse. Mickey was only the start, and by 1937 Walt produced the first DIsney full animation film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The team then changed the name to Walt Disney Studios. In Walt's life he won 22 academy awards for all his productions. In Walt's later years he was able to open his dream. Walt Disney opened the first Disney themed park, Disneyland in California. He always wanted a them park, and in 1955 he got one. Then in 1966 he announced plans for another theme park,Disneyworld in Florida. Sadly, Walt Disney was never able to see Disneyworld, for he later passed away from a lung cancer relapse. Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966 at the age of 65.

Walt's Impact

Walt Disney was a big part of the 1920's. He was an artist, an animator, he had talent. Walt was able to find what people liked, and what made them happy and put it all together. Disney was able to connect with young children. Which gave him an advantage in creating his productions. Without Walt Disney there wouldn't be "The happiest place on earth".

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