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May 2016

April........MAY Showers

Wow, finally we see a break in the rain. And just in time. With Student Appreciation Week here, we need to be able to use inside and outside for our activities. Teacher Appreciation Week was a complete hit. Thank you to all the families for making each and every teacher feel like a million bucks! They were so grateful for the food, desserts, gifts, flowers and everything else that was received. Next week we end with Parent Appreciation Week and lets not forget on May 20th is our Annual Center BBQ! Always a hit. We have a new face painter coming, as our favorite, Miss Sandy, booked a cruise and cannot make it. We also will have a bounce house for the kids to enjoy! Make sure you mark if you are coming, how many and what food you will be bringing. With over 150-200 people in attendance, we need tons of help! We will be having burgers, hot dogs, BBQ chicken and Baked Ziti as our staple foods!

Mothers Day Tea was a great success. We will include a few pics from Pre-k's event. The school year is coming to an end for Kindergarten as well. Please let the office know if your child will be attending our full-day program in September as soon as possible. Kindergarten graduation will be Friday June 10th and this year be held at 3:00pm. Its always bittersweet day for us. We always have to say good bye to families we have known since the infant room, families we have grown close to and families we call our own family.

So May is always our busiest month and we look forward to all the events coming up!

Infant I

Welcome to May everyone! Hope everyone had a great month of April. In May we are saying goodbye to our friends Rylee and Blake. Blake turned one on April 25th and Rylee turned one on May 2nd. We will miss them both so much, but they will thrive and grow even more in infant 2. This month we will also be saying goodbye to one of our newer friends Caleb who is moving. We will surely miss his contagious smile and funny personality. In April our class welcomed a new friend Aiden, who in a short time is already thriving and growing. We are so happy to have him join our classroom. Vera- Quinn and Katherine have both been growing so fast the past month, it's so great to see it happening before our eyes. Arteen is continuing to grow and thrive as well. His smile lights up our room! From Ronda and Amanda, we hope you have a great May and that the weather will soon feel like it! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with your kids everyday, it is a true pleasure.

Thank you,

Miss. Ronda and Miss. Amanda

Infant II

May has arrived and we are anxious for everything we have planned for this month! They say April showers bring May flowers and so we are excited for the spring weather. The weather has been warm lately and we want to remind everyone to check cubbies to make sure we have season and size appropriate clothes. We like to get outside everyday so please bring a light jacket , for chilly mornings,and shoes for your child each day. Our class is doing well and they love to run, play, and learn together. The children are continuing to surprise us everyday with how much they have learned. It doesn't matter the age, between circle time and art time our class is absorbing it all like little sponges. This month we welcome Blake and Rylee from the infant room! They have been visiting and get wait to join our class. We also welcomed a new friend Kyron last week. Our friends are excited to show him our routine. Check out our parent board and the Tadpoles reports to see what activities your child enjoyed. Any questions or comments about your child's daily report please don't hesitate to ask. Also if your child will be out due to vacation or illness please call the center or send us an email at infanttwo@ymail.com. Enjoy the beautiful spring days!

Miss Laura & Miss Stephanie

Toddler I

Parents, Hopefully the April showers will bring May flowers!!! It sure was nice to get outside again! We will always head out to the playground when the weather is nice. May is a busy month filled with a lot of appreciation! Student appreciation week is one of the best weeks of the year! We will enjoy bubbles, chalk, a tent, jello with fruit and PJ & Ice cream on Friday, May 13th. Parent week is also a very special week that we can hopefully show our appreciation to you for being such supportive and fantastic parents! We hope to see you all at our BBQ on Friday, May 20th @ 6pm. It's always a great time! Please remember we are closed on Memorial Day. We hope you enjoy the day with your family. Thank you, as always, for the continued support for your child's class. Reminders- please make sure your child has labeled sunscreen here for us so that we can protect their sensitive skin, check cubby for weather appreciate labeled change of clothes for your child.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, our door is open! Have a wonderful month of May!!

~ Heather & Steve

Annual Center BBQ

Friday, May 20th, 6pm

719 Roble Road

Allentown, PA

Our Annual ACP Center BBQ for families and kids! Bring the grandparents because they are a huge part of our center as well! Dont forget to tell us how many are coming and what dish you can bring to help us out! We look forward to seeing you all there!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Toddler II

April showers have brought May flowers! This month of appreciation is filled with exciting and fun activities in Toddler 2. We would first like to remind all parents to make sure we have weather appropriate clothing for your child. If your child is potty training please make sure we have plenty of extras including underwear and socks and please make sure all items are labeled to avoid confusion. The first week in May is Teacher Appreciation. We will be discussing our health and a healthy world. We will also have some surprises for Mother’s Day to show our mommies our love! Student Appreciation Week will follow next. The week will included chalk, bubbles, and an icecream/pj party on Friday the 13


. Parent Appreciation week follows next and we will be keeping those activities a surprise for now. Our annual BBQ is on Friday the 20


. The last two weeks in May is a review week and a farm week. Please keep in mind ACP is closed on Monday the 30


for Memorial Day. We are looking forward to a happy and healthy month.

~ Miss Tami and Miss Jodie



In April we had an awesome time enjoying the beginning of the spring weather, we are so excited for warm weather to come! May is finally here and we are getting closer and closer to summer! We are starting off our month learning about butterflies and caterpillars. We will learn all about their chrysalis form, movement and life phases. Mother’s Day hit fast, so we will be working on our secret projects for mommy’s! In our second week of May we will be celebrating our students! Carnival Day will be that Friday the 13th! During this week we will be loading up the kids with super fun activities such as, balloon day, bubbles, and having super silly days: watch the Tadpoles every night for information on what your child will need the next day. This will include a silly hat day, crazy socks, wacky wear and show and share. Parent APPRECIATION WEEK will finish off our month and we will enjoy our awesome annual BBQ together! The children will be learning about safari’s and the animals we will see when experiencing a safari. They will be making their very own Binoculars and animal masks to accompany our role play adventure. As we finish up safari week we will enjoy rock hunting and investigating. Experiencing and exploring soil and its characteristics, make sure your child is wearing appropriate clothing incase of getting a little messy during the school day!

Please remember a clean water bottle for outside everyday, its getting warm and we need to keep our little one’s hydrated! Check the yellow bin at the end of the day for extra bottles if they are disposable plastic. Please remember to label ALL ITEMS: food, cups, clothing, toys, etc.




April showers brought May flowers! This month were talking about seeds, plants, and vegetable gardens. We'll also talk about light and dark, bugs and insects, water/ponds and frogs, and dinosaurs. We'll meet Ms. V, L, and U as well as Mr. Q.

Teacher Appreciation week was a blast! Thank you so much for showing your support, we truly have the best families! Student Appreciation Week kicked off with fun activities like Pom Pom racing and cupcake decorating! We're celebrating the kiddos all week long (but let's be real, we ALWAYS celebrate them!).

Parent Appreciation Week begins Monday, and we'll have lots of fun appreciating YOU for all the great parenting you do! The week-long celebration ends with our annual BBQ on May 20th at 6pm. Please be sure to check the sign-up sheet on our closet door near the back door. Hope you can make it!!

Important dates:

5/11: Logan's Birthday
5/13: Carnival Day
520: Annual ACP BBQ
5/27: Nolan's Birthday

<3 Josette and Kelly


Time sure flies when you are having fun! Feels like we were just saying happy new year and here we are in March already! Here’s a small sampling of what we’ve been up to in Kindergarten:

In language arts we worked on short e and i words. We practiced reading and writing these words as well as spotting them all over the place! We practiced substituting letters in words to make new ones and reviewed the short vowels. We reviewed syllable counting, rhyming words and stretching words. We play lots of games with our sight words! The class really likes parking lot (they use a toy car to drive and park on sight words). We also do sight word exercises to spell the sight words! Everyone loves sight word Ut Oh! (hangman) and any other game where they get to “beat” me. I do encourage good sportsmanship in all our games! We write every day, whether it’s in our independent writing folders or on white boards. We took time to pick a piece from our writing folders and share it will the class. The class really enjoys a game we play where they “correct” my errors in sentences. They find is very amusing that they can spot my mistakes and I can’t.

We celebrated our 100


day in February. We played with 100 balloons, counted to 100 by ones, fives and tens, searched for 100 kisses hidden around the room, built towers with 100 cups, some books about the 100


day of school, used the number 100 to make a picture and made a 100


day of school crown. Everyone was excited to be 100 days smarter! It was a great day!

In February we finished up addition and subtraction. We wrote our own equations using many types of manipulatives including bears, clowns, m & m’s, dominos and goldfish. We are now working on money! Money is very fun but can be very confusing. I encourage all parents to let their child use real money while they are working on their math homework. In class we do use play money but I also use real money whenever possible. Ask your child to sing the money song to you!!

During February we also learned about Groundhog Day. The class enjoyed making a graph of our prediction and we all were very excited when he did not see his shadow! We learned about and experimented with shadows and magnets. We also learned about Chinese New Year! This year is the year of the monkey! We focused on good dental health during February. We each made a collage of good and bad things for our teeth and practiced brushing on a large set of teeth.

Grandparent’s Day is coming up on March 18


at 3:15. The class is looking forward to showing their grandparent’s some of our fun kindergarten activities and making a craft with them!

Think spring everyone! Enjoy every moment, see you next month!

~Miss Megan

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May Birthday Wishes

Miss Kellee - May 1

Miss Steph - May 30