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The states and geographical features

The Midwest has 11 states. The states are Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Indiana, Iwoa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska. Some geographical features are the Great Lakes that completely surrounded Michigan except one side. The Great Lakes touch a lot of other different states also. Part of the central plains is in the Midwest so those places are very flat. The Mississippi River also goes through some states in the Midwest ( Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iwoa, Illinois, and Missouri).
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Climate and natural resources

The climate in the Midwest is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. It is like this because every state in the Midwest has 4 seasons. Because of this the Midwest has a lot of natural resources. For example, rich soil, forestes, corn, wheat, water, and a lot of live stock.

Regional foods

The Midwest is famous for lots of foods some being Chicago deep dish pizza which is famous enough for its delicious crust and lots of cheese. Also a Chicago style hot dog is famous. It is made of a bun, hot dog, celery salt, mustard, pickle, relish, tomato, onions, and peppers. Another famous food is Macinac island fudge. Mackinac island is famous for their delicious mouthwatering fudge that comes in many different tastes.

Famous people

Some people who are famous live or were born in the Midwest region and you might not even know it. One famous person is Henry Ford. He was famous for using the assembly line for making cars. Another famous person was Neil Armstrong. He was famous for being the first person to walk on the moon. He was born in Ohio. Jeff Daniels was also famous. He lives in Michigan and is famous for acting in movies. One last person is Robin Williams. He was born in Chicago and he is famous for being in lots of movies and being a stand up comedian.
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What people make

Many things are made in the Midwest. Like cars cause cars make you to places a lot faster, like really a lot faster. Wheat is, well, wheat, it goes in bread, that's it. Corn like wheat comes out of the ground and sits there until it dies or somebody takes it out of the ground and eats it. Other than that there's cheese, cheese comes in many different colors but is mainly orange or yellow cheese can also be blue or even green I think cheese also gets really smelly really fast if you don't put it in the refrigerator like your supposed to, anyway it tastes good on crackers. Let's not talk about random food items but seriously the Midwest has a lot of food products, lets talk about... uh nothing else beacause I ran out of stuff to write about.

Tourist attractions and arts and recreation

Things that people who live Midwest do is a little different from what people who do not live in the Midwest do for fun. For example people who are visiting the Midwest might take a picture with Paul Bunyan in Minnesota. But people who live in the Midwest might relax by going sailing, water skiing or fishing in a park in the summer. Also people who live in the Midwest work during the day. But people who are visiting on vacation are more likely to see the St. Louis Arch in Missouri it is 630 ft tall. People who live in the Midwest do a lot different activities than what people who are visiting the Midwest.

What jobs people have

There are many important job in the Midwest an example is health care related jobs. One healthcare related job is a dentist assistant they help the dentist by doing X-rays and handing the detest tools. Another common jobs is engineering. Engineers work at making in the automotive industry making cars. There are many other important jobs in the Midwest like trucking and marketing these jobs are important to the Midwest because they give our economy more money and makes it strong.

What people grow

The Midwest is famous for having a lot of farms. But do you know what they grow on their farms? One of the things they grow is wheat. Wheat is very common in pretty much any place in the Midwest. Also people grow a lot of Corn. Corn like wheat is also very common in the Midwest.
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Interesting facts

There are many interesting facts you may not know about the Midwest region. Two interesting facts about are, roller skates were invented in Chicago and, Chicago is the biggest city in the Midwest. Would you might not guess that twinkles were First made in Illinois. These are all about states in the Midwest but one fact about the Midwest is that Midwest produces the largest amount of corn than any other region in the United States. Last there are 385 guest rooms on mackinaw island and none of them are decorated the same.
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facts about the Midwest

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Mya, Amanda, Finn and James

We were all excited to be assigned the Midwest part of the United state because that is where we live. We thought that we knew a lot about the Midwest but we field out a lot of cool interesting facts that we didn't know. It was fun learning more about our home region.